Polyurethane forklift foot sleeves of Tonda got the favor of the China Railway customers

On May 21, 2017, the polyurethane forklift foot sleeves of Yantai Tonda Rubber & PU Co., Ltd got the favor of the China Railway customers to produce plus orders.

In general, in the process of moving heavy objects needed to be completed by forklifts, however, a lot of worn prone objects were often damaged by friction in contact with the iron forklift legs, or paint loss affected the beautiful appearance. The polyurethane forklift foot sleeves were made of high wear resistance and high elasticity polyurethane, the streamline design could fit with iron forklift legs perfectly, in the process of use, it also effectively avoides the abrasion between the iron forklift legs and the fork objects. The high toughness and compressive resistance of polyurethane will not damage itself caused by the weight of the object when it was forked. Now the company has developed different types of forklift sets, and in the near future we will produce more and more full models of forklift sets for customers to buy.

polyurethane forklift foot sleeves

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