Mineral Processing

The Application of Polyurethane Screen Mesh in Mining Industry

The polyurethane screen mesh belongs to the mining equipment and is used in mines and quarries. For example, it can be used in coke screening project. For a long time, the screening parts of coke screening project in China are refreshed over generations, and finally locked in polyurethane screen mesh. Polyurethane screen mesh is deeply loved and highly concerned by coke screening enterprises for its long service life, high productivity and high screening rate.

At present, the main aggregate used in coke production and screening in China is bituminous coal. With the vigorous development of the construction of polyurethane screen mesh industries and the increasing emphasis on construction quality, the demand for coke quality is increasing, and the demand for the high quality is also increasing. Therefore, qualified coke can be said to be less and less.

The quality of the screening material depends largely on the performance, processing technology and vibrating screen machinery of polyurethane screen mesh. Therefore, in order to produce coke of high quality and also meet the need of projects, we need to make appropriate choice of coal and let it go through the good screening of polyurethane screen mesh. Only in this way can we produce regularly sized coke that fits the requirements.

The application characteristics of polyurethane screen mesh in mining industry:

1. Long service life and large carrying capacity. Because the elastic polyurethane sieve plate using wire rope as skeleton material, and polyurethane itself has very high elastic modulus, high ability of absorbing shocks of high strength, and high wear resistance, it has a high tensile strength and its carrying capacity is 2.5 times more than rubber sieve plate. Its service life is 8-10 times higher than that of ordinary metal screen board, 3 times of stainless steel screen face, 3.9 times of natural rubber, and it is the best abrasion-resistant screen material in the world.

2. High screening efficiency. The self-cleaning performance of the screen surface can guarantee no plugging hole and the high screening efficiency.

3. High precision of screening. The production process of polyurethane sieve plate adopts mold casting and forming process with accurate pore diameter and high-qualified sieving, and the particle size of the material under the screening can greatly meet the requirements of the user. The product is easy to install, easy to replace and repair, and is suitable for any type of screening machine. Besides, its light weight can greatly reduce the workload of field installation, replacement and maintenance.

4. Low working noise, compliant with national environmental noise standards. According to the actual measurement, the same sieve machine using polyurethane sieve plate can reduce noise 5-20 decibels than using metal sieve plate, and can greatly reduce the dust float in the sky, so that the production site will have a quiet and clean working environment.

5. Significant economic benefits. Although the price of polyurethane rubber sieve surface is comparably higher than metal sieve plate, if considering screening efficiency, the cost of maintenance, service life and other factors, you will find that the overall efficiency of polyurethane sieve surface is greatly superior to ordinary metal screen surface.

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