Selection of Polyurethane Mesh Screen

Selection of polyurethane mesh screen:

First of all, determine the screen for classification or dehydration according to the use of the screen to choose. Different screening materials are used for wet screening and dry screening. Polyether polyurethane mesh screening should be selected for water-carrying screening to prevent the shortening of life of screening due to hydrolysis. Polyester polyurethane mesh screen should be selected for dry screening and its bulk materials. Its wear resistance and impact resistance are better, and its service life can be effectively improved.

Secondly, the installation structure of screen mesh should be selected according to the size of screen aperture. For large aperture (more than 60 mm aperture) screen mesh, bolt-type fixed structure is recommended. Because the material treated by large-aperture screen mesh is relatively large, the impact on screen surface is large, and the fixed form of screen of other structural forms is easy to loosen. The supporting beam knocks each other after the screen mesh is loosened, resulting in that the service life of the screen mesh is shortened.

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