Slurry Pump Spares-Board Assembly

Slurry pump spares insert plate assembly was installed in the cylinder, used for guiding and fixing guide device, which is composed of insert plate and copper block:  material for copper block is tin bronze, and insert plate is 45 steel conditioning.


1 small MOQ acceptance.
2. Rust prevention, economical and practical.
3. We can provide OEM, and produce according to your requirements.
4. According to international standards.

The diamond mud pump is one of the most important drilling equipment for oil drilling, which delivers viscosity, large weight and low sand content to the bottom of the well under high pressure in the process of drilling, which is used to cool the drill bit, scour the bottom of the hole, and break rocks.

Slurry pump group is mud pump circulation equipment used in oil and gas exploration and development drilling operations. It has the features of compact structure, complete functions, reliable use and convenient maintenance. It has three major parts: power source, transmission and mud pump. It is an important and indispensable equipment in the oil drilling equipment, like the heart of the oil drilling rig, providing continuous mud for the oil drilling rig.

Yantai tengda polyurethane co., ltd. specializes in the production of slurry pump spares. Welcome to order! We can pack the lining differently according to the customer's requirement, so as to provide convenience for the customer.

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