Development of High Density Filled Shape Memory Urethane Foam

High density urethane foam was made by filling method. The morphology, thermal properties, mechanical properties and shape memory properties of the polyurethane foam were characterized and tested. The results show that the processing technology of high density urethane foam made by filling method is simple and easy to operate, and the foam has high density (0.65g/cm3), high compressive strength (0.37MPa) and excellent shape memory property.

Shape memory high density urethane foam is a foam structure material with shape memory function based on the study of shape memory polyurethane resin. Foamed materials greatly improved the specific modulus and memory performance of shape memory polyurethane resin. Shape memory foam showed better performance than ordinary shape memory resin in terms of shape recovery, shape recovery rate and shape restoring force. The shape memory urethane foam prepared by the traditional foaming method is complex and difficult to prepare, and the density of the prepared foam is relatively small, and there are some problems in the mechanical properties. In this study, the filling method, using salt as filling material, was prepared through a simple processing and synthesis process to make the high density shape memory urethane foam material. It is excellent whether the mechanical properties or shape memory properties.

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