How to Install the Polyurethane Dewatering Screen?

-The installation of the Polyurethane Dewatering Screen
The Polyurethane Dewatering Screen has different installation methods according to the requirements of the screen machine, mainly divided into: screw type, bolt type, rail seat type.

The installation method of Nail type dewatering sieve plate:
The nail type dewatering sieve plate is usually found in 305 * 305 * 30 specification. The screen has four semi-circular mounting holes and legs. When The nail type dewatering sieve plate was being installed,first, it will be placed on the support beam of the shaker. The screen will form a complete mounting hole between the sieve plate and the adjacent sieve plate, then the screw will be nailed into the mounting hole. It is necessary to observe the direction of the sieve and to install the sieve plate accurately.
Common dehydration sieve plate use the spike of nylon spike and polyurethane material.The customer can purchase according to their own demands.

The installation method of bolt type dewatering sieve plate:
There are so many sizes of Bolt type dehydrated sieve plate ,such as the semicircle sunk head mounting hole, the full head installation hole is much more. Place the sieve plate in an orderly position on the support beam of the sieving machine. Notice that the mounting hole of the sieve plate is in accordance with the position of the mounting hole on the support beam. Fasten the sieve plate to the support beam with bolts. This kind of installation method is relatively simple, the bolt generally adopts M12, M14, M16 bolt, more common, the purchase is convenient.

The installation method of rail seat type dehydration sieve plate:
The rail seat type dehydration screen needs the corresponding rail support. Because of the design of the shakers, the rail seats are different, but the installation method is consistent. First the rail fixed onto the support beam of the vibrating screen machine, then install the dehydration sieve plate on the back of the slot on the rail chair on the part of the sieve plate in bumps, make rail embedded into the sieve plate card slot, installation is completed.
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