How to put stainless steel will not damage the steel roll surface

The application of the PU Stainless Steel Heel Block

There are so many steel companies around the world.And the Finished steel coil and semi-finished steel coil need to be stored in the workshop.So every steel company need to solve this problem:How to put stainless steel will not damage the steel roll surface?

Most company use wooden wedges, cement blocks or metal tracks to place steel rolls to keep the workshop in order and prevent rolling.But these devices’ surfaces are too hard , and when the crane delivers a steel roll, the powerful impact will damage the steel plates of the outer layers.To solve this problem,our company has made PU Stainless Steel Heel Block

PU Stainless Steel Heel Block also named Polyurethane steel coil block which is made of special craft.The polyurethane on the surface is highly elastic ,which can effectively avoid the damage to the surface of the steel coil. And the steel coil pad surface adopts arc type design, which can be perfectly fit with the steel coil.

Method of use:

First install the ground iron fixed bracket, the fixed bracket to make the steel coil pad position. The pad does not shift because of the fixed support.

The polyurethane steel coil is then placed on a fixed bracket, and the intermediate prefabricated space is reasonable. The two steel coil blocks have an arc shape in the direction of two pairs, forming a semicircle.

After the installation is completed, we should check  if has something wrong.Lastly the steel rolls should be placed in the middle of the block with a hook.
Polyurethane steel coil pads have been widely used in China's steel companies and  Korean steel companies and are expected to be used in more countries.

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