Humidity Resistance of Polyurethane Screen Panels

Polyurethane screen panels are widely used in operations of metallurgy, mining, coal, building materials, water conservancy, road repair and so on. Good screen panels affect their operating power. So how to choose a good screen panels? Let's give you an analysis below.

1. See if the screen panels is uniform: the excellent polyurethane screen panels has uniform screen hole and conforms to the standard, and the public service planning is small.

2. Look at the opening rate of polyurethane screen panels. Opening rate is the most direct factor affecting screening power: the more the number of screen holes in polyurethane screen panels, the higher the opening rate, the higher the screening power and output.

3. Look at the connection of polyurethane screen panels: The connection method of polyurethane screen pieces directly affects the screening power.

4. Excellent polyurethane screen panels should be rigid and flexible. In practice, polyurethane screen panels should have strong elasticity to ensure that they do not collapse in production. Polyurethane screen panels should also have certain tolerance to ensure that the screen pieces are not fragile.

5. When choosing polyurethane screen panels, it depends on its appearance: whether the appearance of polyurethane screen panels is exquisite, whether the sieve is flat, whether the color of polyurethane sieve is plain, whether there are any appearance of broken strips, burrs, lack of materials, mixtures, tight seams, and so on..

The main reasons for the rapid breakage of polyurethane screen panels are: unqualified quality of screen panels, tension strength of screen panels, steering error of vibration motor, clay accumulation, and so on.


① Increasing vibration and ruggedness;
② Using spraying water to wash the screen panels and drilling cuttings to reduce the stickiness of drilling cuttings, but this method is only suitable for situations where water is allowed to be added.
③ Adjusting the angle of the screen panels at the end of the sand discharge outlet to the downward direction is conducive to the discharge of cuttings by gravity, but it may cause slurry run-off.
④ Change the number of screen planes or adjust the flow rate of single screen to ensure that the flow stop point of drilling fluid is close to the outlet of screen planes, so that drilling cuttings can be discharged smoothly under the lubrication effect of drilling fluid.

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