New Technologies and Applications of Polyurethane Materials and Polyurethane Products

Polyurethane material refers to a kind of polymer that contains urethane group( -NHCOO) in its main chain of macromolecula.

Polyurethane materials have developed rapidly since the 1950s, when the industrial production began to enter the market. Compared with rubber  polymer material, polyurethane materials has its unique characteristics. Based on different performance needs, different numbers of functional groups and different types of functional groups are selected in different production processes to create different polyurethane products with different functions and characteristics.

In the rubber species of polyurethane materials, there are rubber polyurethane materials that can cross link. Also there are varieties of  non-rubber polyurethane materials, such as foamed plastic, hard plastic, coating, high rebound synthetic fiber, artificial leather, adhesives and so on.

Currently polyurethane products are widely used in various fields, such as in aerospace industry. The hard products, soft products, foam products made of polyurethane material are lighter than that made of metal material, which is very important to aircraft. And because of the properties of polyurethane products like high resilient, non-flammable, high strength, ultra-low temperature insulation, polyurethane products are used in making aircraft head hood, speed brake, radar dome, aircraft tank filling, fuel consumption control carburetor buoy as well as a variety of decorative racks and cushions. Polyurethane material is also indispensable in making insulation materials, cushions and tires of transport industry and furniture manufacturing.

Polyurethane products are widely used, and its market demand is also large. In China, polyurethane material developed late but has developed rapidly. The global market share of Chinese polyurethane material has reached more than a quarter, becoming the world's largest polyurethane products manufacturing and consumer market. The only deficiency is that compared with foreign advanced level of the key response material there is still a gap, which needs our industry to keep innovating and developing.

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