The Polyurethane Forklift Foot Sleeve was used in the Beijing Logistics Company

In our daily life ,all kinds of goods can be sent to the world through the logistics industry .The workers of Logistics company are always faced that the goods will be knocked down and damaged during the  transfer process sometimes even need to pay the reparations.Beijing  Logistics company’s all forklift trucks have been equipped with the Polyurethane Forklift Foot Sleeve ,which has solved the problem.The picture says that the Beijing logistics company was using a forklift truck with the polyurethane Forklift Foot Sleeve.

Due to the high elastic of Polyurethane Forklift Foot Sleeve,it can effectively reduce the collision and abrasion between the hard forklift leg and the goods ,which can protect the goods well.

The Polyurethane Forklift Foot Sleeve produced by our company has  reliable quality .Our company has the complete models of the Polyurethane Forklift Foot Sleeve.The products can be customized by the customers.Looking forward  to your selection  and purchases.

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