Preparation of Microporous Polyurethane Shock Absorber for Automobile

Vehicle NVH (noise, vibration and irregularity) has an important impact on driving comfort, vehicle failure rate and accident rate, so it has always been the focus of concern for automobile enterprises. Installation of polyurethane shock absorber in spring system is an important scheme to improve chassis NVH problem. At present, most of the polyurethane shock absorbers are made of microporous polyurethane elastomer, which has obvious advantages in flexibility, compressibility, strength, impact resistance, dynamic fatigue, stress transfer stability, noise level and weight. Due to the above advantages, microporous polyurethane shock absorbers are widely used in high, medium and low-grade automobiles. In 2016, China's automotive output has exceeded 28 million, and the annual demand for polyurethane shock absorbers in the Chinese market has exceeded 100 million.

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