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5-Channel Guardian Cable Protector

5-Channel Guardian Cable Protector: corner-type cable ramp

The features of guardian cable protector  :

1, guardian cable protector  made of polyurethane material, with high wear resistance, long service life
2, guardian cable protector with excellent flexibility, high compressive strength, no deformation.
3, guardian cable protector insulation, and can withstand high voltage, to avoid the risk of electric shock.
4, cable covers installation are simple, easy to move, and better than damage the bottom.
5, cable covers can be effective in the cable into the district, clean and not messy.
6, cable covers water, anti-static, flame retardant, the use of safety.
7, polyurethane crimping plate with yellow and black colors, bright colors, signs clear, play a warning role.
8, 5-Channel Guardian Cable Protector good shock absorption, good resilience, no noise.
9, 5-Channel Guardian Cable Protector easy disassembly, can be used many times, easy to damage.

The using method of the cable ramp :

1, the cable ramp in advance along the cable laying track placed neatly
2, open the trough plate cover, the cable distribution to the corresponding trunking
3, the adjacent trough plate connected to each other firmly connected
4, the need to turn the part of the use of corner-type trunking board connection
5, check the cable is not staggered and then cover the cover can be safe to use

The application of cable protection cover :

cable protection cover is widely used in the construction of production, metallurgical casting, mine tunnels, oil exploration, cultural and outdoor groups such as outdoor production needs of temporary power supply supporting the protection of places, guardian cable protector  can quickly and simply protect the wire, cable and audio and video data Line: to provide a safe and stable through the channel, the continuous protection of various types of cable and pedestrian safety; greatly reduce the line damage, eliminate the wire, cable nuisance caused by security risks.
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