Belt Cleaning System

V-type belt cleaning system: 1200 * 150 * 25
V-type belt cleaning system is installed in the tail wheel drum belt non-working surface and is often referred to as empty V-type cleaner or empty plow-type sweepers. Its role is to clean the return belt on the non-working surface of the residual material, and the material discharged to both sides.

The features of V-type belt conveyor scraper :

1, belt conveyor scraper is made of the polyurethane material, with wear resistance, corrosion resistance, hydrolysis resistance characteristics.
2, belt conveyor scraper friction coefficient is low, low impedance, will not damage the belt.
3, belt conveyor scraper machine front with curved design, easy to run in the belt beating, to extend the life of scraper, and long-term to keep the belt clean.
4, parallel rack can automatically adjust the location of the sweep according to wear conditions, so that the cleaner has been close to the belt, clean up the material clean.
5, belt cleaning system device using a splint fixed, easy installation and replacement.

The application of the V-type belt cleaning system :

In order to ensure the normal operation of the belt conveyor, the attachments on the conveyor belt must be cleaned. If the cleaning device is good, the life of the roller, conveyor belt and so on can be extended. Therefore, it is necessary to change the return section to the drum and the tail roller inlet to install the cleaner, that is, the empty sweepers. Polyurethane sweepers are commonly used in coal chemical conveyor belts for scraping off attached ash and powder materials. Such as coal transportation, fertilizer transport, gravel transport and so on. Applicable to the transportation of various materials, such as: media, coke, sinter, salt, iron ore, fertilizer, ore, etc.

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