Belt Scraper Blades

Belt scraper blades: 800 * 200 * 60
The belt scraper blades are the scraper plate, mainly used in the belt head and tail. belt scraper blades placed in the belt machine head is mainly used for scraping the front of the belt of sticky material, debris; belt scraper blades on the end of the belt machine is mainly used for scraping the belt back of the accumulation of debris, to prevent into the tail roller.

The features of the conveyor belt scraper blade:

conveyor belt scraper blade is a belt conveyor on the existing alloy cleaning device replacement products, the scraper selection of imported raw materials, polymer improved materials wear resistance, corrosion, anti-fracture, hydrolysis, no damage to tape, extend the tape life, cleaning The main use of the spring tension regulator, when the scraper wear or belt beat when the scraper surface will automatically follow-up, compensation, to ensure that the blade surface and tape in close contact, in order to achieve a good scraping effect.

Product type and structure H-type polyurethane cleaner installed in the head of the discharge roller, remove the adhesive material on the conveyor belt to complete a cleaning. P-type external scraper for belt conveyor installed in the head of the roller near the smooth working surface, with the H-type matching to do the second cleaning N-type (reversible) external scraper for belt conveyor installed in the head near the smooth working surface, remove the reversible running conveyor Of the adhesive material. O-type (empty forging) external scraper for belt conveyor installed in the tail roller near the non-working surface.

Belt scraper blades application:

The belt conveyor is suitable for a coal mine, thermal power generation company, thermal power plant, steel plant, petrochemical company coal transportation line, sugar industry transmission line, chemical transmission line, large mixing station, port belt conveyor line, large terminal machinery handling operations Conveying equipment for conveying bulk material.

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