Coil Saddle urethane Blocks

Coil Saddle urethane Blocks, also known as saddle coil storage, Stainless Steel Coils Roll block. Mainly used for the placement of stainless steel, aluminum roll material.

The characteristics of the coil saddle urethane blocks:

1, the Coil Saddle urethane Blocks outside the polyurethane saddle is a high-quality polyurethane material, with excellent wear resistance, can be used for a long time without wear. Coil Saddle urethane Blocks have good elasticity, can avoid the steel surface caused by bumps, damage.
2, the saddle coil storage inside the polyurethane saddle is thicker metal welding skeleton, with superior load-bearing capacity. Can be placed in the large tonnage of the coil to ensure that no deformation, no damage.
3, saddle coil storage surface was a certain degree of curvature, with the coil curvature fit, no pressure on the coil.

The applications of the coil storage cradles :

Coil Storage Cradles are generally used in the steel industry, all kinds of profiles industry and machinery processing industry. Can effectively play on the coil, aluminum roll, and other surface protection. And can prevent the rolling of the coil, improve the production safety factor. It is also convenient to use Coil Storage Cradles with a saddle roll.

The customization of the coil storage pads :
1, on the size: Coil Storage Pads made into trapezoidal, oblique side with curvature. The radians are generally designed according to the outer diameter of the coil. So that the coil in the placement with the saddle-shaped roll of the arc surface coincide. As such, the saddle does not squeeze the coil. The dimensions of the saddle roll are tailored to the weight of the coil to meet the requirements for the placement of different tonnage coils.
2, on the color: Coil Storage Pads can be customized to make any color, the customer can use the overall color according to the workshop and the use of custom color so that the whole workshop more coordinated and more beautiful.
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