Fishing Tackle Dive Board

Fishing Tackle Dive Board

Fishing Tackle Dive Board:
Fishing Tackle Dive Board is the use of polyurethane as raw materials, the use of foam technology made of deep sea fishing tackle. Also known as polyurethane diver board. Fishing Tackle Diver Board lightweight, hard material, and wood material similar. Tonda production of fishing accessories mainly  Sea Fishing Wooden Trolling Boards and deep sea fishing bait.

Fishing Tackle Dive Board  features:
1, the Fishing Tackle Dive Board using foam production process, light quality. And can control the weight of the fixed molded product.
2, sea fishing tackle material hard, not easy to damage, you can use it again and again.
3, sea fishing tackle made of a molding made of a mold. Models and more accurate size.
4, Sea Fishing Wooden Trolling Boards resistant to seawater, corrosion-resistant performance, long-term use without erosion.
5, polyurethane diver board can produce a variety of bright colors, never fade.
6, Fishing Tackle Dive Board with ultra-high simulation results, and easy to store, not corruption. Can be used repeatedly.

Sea Fishing Wooden Trolling Boards application:
sea fishing tackle Mainly applicable to deep-sea fishing. Such as tuna, cod, sardines, salmon and so on. Also known as tuna Dive Boards, cod diving board and so on.

Deep sea fish because of living in the deep sea, not subject to pollution, high nutritional value, by the people, sought after, so deep sea fishing has become more and more people like the cause. Yantai Tonda Rubber&PU  Co., Ltd. is located in China's coastal city - Yantai, which people for the marine fish also has a deep love and understanding. We have dozens of Fishing Tackle Dive Board, customers can buy on our website, would like to know more and more full of Fishing Tackle Diver Board, please contact us directly, we can customized fishing tackle to meet each fishing enthusiasts demand.

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