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Foam Edge Protector

Caution Foam Wall Protector is mainly attached to the wall, corner or pillar, play a collision effect. Protect the corners, walls, the car from damage.

The features of foam corner protector :

1: Foam Wall Protector uses the polyurethane materials and is made of foam technology.
2: caution Foam Wall Protector with a high rebound performance, can effectively avoid the collision of wall and objects damage.
3: caution Foam Wall Protector can be customized according to the requirements of the use of different models
4: Reflective Foam Edge Protector with the bright yellow reflective material, yellow and black and white, effective play a warning role.
5: Reflective Foam Edge Protector neat and beautiful, easy to use.

The application of the foam wall protector :

1. parking lot, garage and other Foam Wall Protector affixed to the corner of the wall and the door on both sides of the wall, reflective corner strong reflective effect can alert the driver driving safety. Even if the car hit the corner or wall, high elastic foam bumps themselves deformation will not cause damage to the car. Both to protect the wall without damage, but also to avoid the body of the scratch. In the body to leave the collision strip, the Foam Wall Protector can be restored to its original state, and they do not receive damage.
2. Factory, workshop loading, and unloading platform will be warnings against the wall of the collision can effectively reduce the reversing vehicle body and the impact of the wall.
3. Production equipment is more prone to accident location posted anti-collision strip can play a warning role so that safety in production.
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