Foam Wall Guard

Foam Wall Guard is the use of polyurethane materials produced by the foaming process with the high resilience of the product. Product surface adhesion yellow reflective strip, play a warning role, can effectively protect the wall and care facilities.

The features of foam rubber wall guard :

1, Foam rubber Wall Guard by the wall protection with high rebound performance, after a strong pressure to quickly restore the original state, no deformation, no damage.
2, the Wall Guard surface is smooth, soft, can be very good to prevent the vehicle scratched.
3, Garage Wall Protector For Safe Car Parking weight lighter than ordinary rubber products, easy to carry, easy to install. Can be installed with bolts or glue on the wall, easy to fall off.
4, the wall to protect the color of the bright yellow reflective strip, making the wall to protect the black and white, especially eye-catching, can play a good warning role.
5,  Heavy-Duty pu Wall Guard size-structured, diverse styles, play a protective role at the same time, increase the degree of beauty.

The applications of heavy-duty pu wall guard :

Foam Wall Guard is generally used for parking, garage, factory floor, terminal, loading and unloading platform, scenic area, station platform, toll channel and underground parking and so on.

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