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Forklift Protective Sleeves 1800*100*45

Forklift protective sleeves: The suitable size for forklift leg: 1800*100*45

Features of forklift protective sleeves:

1: Forklift foot sleeve, with high wear resistance, wear resistance, long service life.
2: Polyurethane forklift foot sleeve with elasticity, in the iron fork truck legs and goods play a buffer role. Avoid strong collision of goods.
3: Fork protection sleeves, high compressive strength, and can be used with various tonnage forklift.
4: Forklift safety fork pads, easy installation, easy to carry.

Application of forklift safety fork pads:

The forklift for truck is a kind of transportation tool with a wide range of use. When carrying goods, the forklift leg and the goods often produce collision and friction, and the hard iron forklift leg is easy to damage the goods. This situation is completely avoided after the use of fork covers for forklifts. forklift protective sleeves can be used to carry valuable mechanical equipment, machine parts, building materials, metal coils, and goods packed in wooden cases or trays. Tonda has provided high-quality polyurethane forklift foot sleeve for forklift users in all walks of life in China.

Customization of fork covers for forklifts:

Sketch map of the dimension of forklift:
Existing sizes in Tonda: L*W*H

Forklift Protective Sleeves

If you need other sizes of polyurethane forklift protective sleeves, please let us know. We can make your forklift sleeve according to your requirement.

Yantai Tonda rubber&pu Co., Ltd. located in Shandong, China, is a company specializing in the production of polyurethane products. The company has excellent R & D designers, fully equipped with production equipment, and professional production staff. The polyurethane forklift sets produced in Tonda are highly praised by customers all over China. Tonda is designing and producing more specifications and more styles of polyurethane forklift sets to meet customers satisfaction. We expect more friends to understand and use our polyurethane forklift sets.

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