Integral Skin Automobile Fender

Integral skin automobile fender:

integral skin Automobile fender is made of Integral skin PU foam made of polyurethane integral skin foam.

The features of the integral skin :

1, Polyurethane custom foam products cover the outer layer is from the crust, with a clean imitation leather lines, and abnormal wear.
2, integral skin cover inside the metal plate, with a solid support force.
3, polyurethane integral skin foam shield water, oil, easy to clean, durable oil, affordable.
4, integral skin Automobile fender guard has excellent resistance to compression and impact resistance.
5, polyurethane integral skin foam guard rebound is good, shock effect is remarkable.
6, polyurethane integral skin foam guard hardness can be modulated with the customer requirements.
7, integral skin Automobile fender lightweight, reduce the load.

The application of the polyurethane custom foam products :

integral skin is generally applicable to large passenger cars, medical equipment, fitness equipment.

The customization of the polyurethane custom foam products :

1, on the lines: customers can specify the lines, we will be in accordance with the requirements of customers.
2, integral skin thickness: since the outer layer of crust is hard crust layer of the general thickness of 2-5mm, the customer can be customized according to the actual needs.
3, on the color: since the crust routine color is black, can be customized other colors.

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