Integral Skin Foam Nape Pad

Integral skin foam Nape Pad - Yantai Tonda Rubber&PU Co., Ltd. for the car company produced integral skin foam headrest.

Integral skin foam Nape Pad, also known as integral skin foam headrest, is a urethane foam molding with high elasticity of the polyurethane products.

The features of the integral skin foam head rest :

1, integral skin foam headrest with high-quality polyurethane material made by the foaming process, with leather lines, but more solid than leather, more wearable.
2, integral skin foam headrest water, oil, solvent resistance, the use of a wide range, and easy to clean.
3, integral skin foam Nape Pad with high rebound performance, with good comfort.
4, integral skin foam Nape Pad resistance to extrusion, impact resistance, play a buffer protection.
5, integral skin foam using a special mold production, accurate size, and high production efficiency.
6, integral skin foam durable, low cost, affordable.

Integral skin foam nape pad crust neck:

1, on the size: customers can use in accordance with the needs of different sizes, different styles of polyurethane products. In order to maintain the overall coordination of vehicles and equipment beautiful, the general use of complete sets of polyurethane foam molding products, such as integral skin foam Nape Pad, pu backrest, polyurethane handrails, polyurethane cushion and so on.
2, on the color: since the knot head pillow generally use black, black is the most common and dirty. You can also customize other colors.
3, on the hardness: In order to ensure comfort, since the end of the hardness of the knothead is generally relatively soft, flexible. Can effectively ensure neck safety.

The application of the integral skin foam headrest :
Integral skin foam headrest is mainly used for fitness equipment, vehicle seats, medical equipment, medical equipment.
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