Integral Skin Foam Seat Cushion

Integral skin foam seat cushion: Yantai Tonda Rubber&PU Co., Ltd. for the fire truck customized PU Foam Seating.

The features of the integral skin foam seat cushion :

1, integral skin foam seat cushion made of mold, clear lines, with the effect of imitation leather.
2, foam seat cushion with the polyurethane foam production process, one molding, seamless, will not appear open, broken the phenomenon.
3, foam seat cushion with high wear resistance, the use of a long time Low economic costs.
4, PU Foam Seating water, oil, solvent resistance, the use of the environment without requirements. Good care, easy to clean.
5, PU Foam Seating high and low temperature, can be used in any climate environment, not peeling.
6, PU Foam Seating with high resilience foam material, compression, shock absorption, high comfort.
7, polyurethane foam pad performance and stability, after a long time pressure can still maintain the original flexibility, no deformation.

The cushion of the polyurethane foam pad  :

polyurethane foam pad widely used sieves are fire engines, forklifts, trucks, excavators and other vehicle industries, and large machinery operating equipment, medical testing equipment, fitness equipment, game facilities, various seats and so on.

Yantai Tonda Rubber&PU Co., Ltd. is located in Yantai, China. Yantai is the most important industrial base of polyurethane in China. There are internationally renowned China Wanhua Group. Tonda has very favorable geographical conditions, and a professional technical staff and advanced production equipment. Tonda has provided many kinds of polyurethane products for customers at home and abroad. With the development of polyurethane technology and people familiar with and understand the polyurethane materials, more and more polyurethane products will be applied to a variety of industries. Will also appear more in our lives and the surrounding environment. Tonda will be more and more quality products to everyone, if you are buying foam seat cushion, please contact us.
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