Other Soft PU Foam Auto Parts

PU foam Auto Parts:  Low-Density Flexible Polyurethane Foam Products
Polyurethane is a high strength, tear resistance, excellent wear resistance of polymer materials, polyurethane with its excellent stability of the performance and variety of processing methods in more and more areas of application.PU foam Auto Parts applications are very common, we are common: foam cushion, foam armrest and so on.

The features of PU auto parts :

1, PU Auto Parts excellent wear resistance, wear and tear products, long life, low frequency of replacement, protection of traffic safety.
2, PU foam Auto Parts waterproof, oil, corrosion-resistant, particularly easy to clean, and no maintenance.
3, PU foam Auto Parts density uniformity, with good flexibility, comfort is very strong.
4, PU foam Auto Parts using molding, size and precision, and high production efficiency.
5, polyurethane foam auto parts can be customized according to the needs of different density, different hardness of the product. Has a lot of adjustable.
6, polyurethane foam auto parts compression, shock absorption effect is remarkable. High resilience, long-term use without deformation.
7, polyurethane foam auto parts lightweight, reduce vehicle load, save energy consumption.
8, polyurethane foam auto parts can be high temperature, low temperature, the use of temperature is not high.
9, polyurethane foam auto parts with excellent tear resistance.

Yantai Tonda Rubber&PU Co., Ltd. is a professional Polyurethane Foam producer, Tonda is located in Yantai, China - a convenient transportation and beautiful environment of the coastal city, where China's largest manufacturer of polyurethane raw materials, China's most professional polyurethane researchers. Tonda has very convenient geographical conditions, and has advanced production technology, produced a number of high-quality china PU foam Auto Parts. The company will continue to invest in advanced production equipment and technology to design and produce more kinds of high-quality polyurethane auto parts. We sincerely welcome friends from various countries to visit and establish a good long-term relationship.
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