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Polyurethane auto parts are very many types, mainly to play the role of shock absorber Automotive Polyurethane Pad. This Automotive Polyurethane Pad is a fastener that acts as a cushioning cushion.

The features of the PU part :

1, polyurethane auto parts for the external high-elastic wear-resistant polyurethane, the hardness of 65A. Polyurethane auto parts within this range of hardness have excellent high resilience and have excellent tear resistance.
2, polyurethane fittings inside the galvanized metal bracket, a mounting hole device can be used to fix the internal parts of the car.
3, polyurethane parts water, oil, corrosion resistance, in the car running and a variety of weather conditions without damage.
4, polyurethane auto parts shock absorption, excellent compression performance, can effectively play a role in shock absorption
5, polyurethane auto parts with high-temperature performance, parts in the course of the operation can produce heat, to maintain its own performance and stability.
6, polyurethane parts with anti-static, flame-retardant performance, improve driving safety factor.

The applications of the polyurethane fittings :

polyurethane fittings in the automotive industry are very common, both in the car or auto parts during the transport process, have used to polyurethane accessories. With the development of polyurethane technology, polyurethane fittings will be more and more used in various industries.

Yantai Tonda Rubber&PU Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of polyurethane auto parts, Tonda has a professional production equipment and professional technical staff, customers can produce all kinds of polyurethane fittings. The company has for South Korea, Australia and other customers produced high-quality automotive Automotive Polyurethane Pad, is the use of the process of stable performance, customers get the trust.If you are looking for quality PU part, if you want to buy China's polyurethane fittings, please contact us: wilton@tonda.net.cn, please tell us your request, we will provide you with quality products.
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