Polyurethane Belt Cleaner

Polyurethane Belt Cleaner

Polyurethane Belt cleaner or Secondary Cleaners, when working with such as dust, mud and powder material etc viscous material, a part can stick in the conveyor belt working surface, the adhesive material will enter the line section on the lower supporting roller. The material enters the idler. The material enters the idler shell, thereby increasing the radial load and the axial load on the bearing seat, causing the bearing to wear rapidly, and the material on the idler shell is adhered to the material to accelerate the wear of the conveyer belt. If the adhesive into the tail, change to the drum, it will stick to the roller surface, the more stick more, the adhesion is also increasing, the result is the conveyor belt deviation, increase conveyor belt wear, lead to serious consequences. If the cleaning device is good, the service life of the roller, conveyor belt and so on can be extended. Thus, the sweeper cannot be ignored in the belt conveyor. In operation, if you want to manually remove the tail drum attachment, often prone to serious personal injury accidents. Therefore, in order to ensure the normal operation of belt conveyor, the belt conveyor scraper must be used to clean the attachments on the conveyor belt.

Polyurethane Belt cleaner features:
1, Polyurethane Belt cleaner with ultra-high wear resistance, is rubber and plastic products more than 5 times.
2 、 Primary Belt Cleaners corrosion resistance, solvent resistance is excellent, applicable to all kinds of working conditions.
3, Replacement Belt Cleaner Blades hardness range, can make 65-95A hardness range of products, high flexibility. No damage to the belt.

Polyurethane belt cleaning application:
conveyor belt scrapers are commonly used in coal chemical conveyor belts for scraping and adhering gray powder and powder material. Such as coal transportation, fertilizer transportation, sand, and gravel transportation, etc..

Belt sweeper scraper customization:
Yantai Tonda Rubber&PU Co., Ltd. is China's outstanding manufacturer of the scraper blade. We can provide conveyor belt scrapers, you can provide samples or drawings to us, we will provide you with satisfactory products.

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