Polyurethane Bumper Block

Yantai Tengda Rubber&PU Co., Ltd. manufacturers supply: polyurethane Bumper Block, polyurethane Bumper Block also known as Cast Polyurethane blocks, polyurethane anti-collision block. Mainly used for component parts used when the limit shock absorber.

The features of the polyurethane bumper block :

1, polyurethane Bumper Block using a mold casting molding, size precision, high production efficiency.
2, polyurethane Bumper Block has a good wear resistance, long-term use will not wear.
3, polyurethane Bumper Block high compressive strength, able to withstand greater pressure.
4, polyurethane anti-collision Block with high resilience performance, strong shock absorption, can effectively play a role in shock absorption.
5, polyurethane anti-collision Block water, oil, low temperature, can be used in a variety of assembly conditions and temperature environment, still, maintain good performance.
5, polyurethane anti-collision Block anti-radiation, anti-aging, long service life.
6, polyurethane anti-collision Block anti-static, flame retardant, the use of high safety factor.

The application of cast polyurethane blocks

Cast Polyurethane blocks are mainly used in automotive, machinery, transportation industry. In order to avoid the parts in the handling and transport of displacement, extrusion, wear, deformation, etc., the use of polyurethane blocks to fix parts in the transfer of valuable auto parts. Polyurethane blocks are generally complete sets of products, according to the shape and size of parts specially customized polyurethane products.

The use of polyurethane block instructions:

Parts need special tooling during transport, the use of the corresponding size of the Cast Polyurethane blocks bolts fixed on the tooling, the formation of components at the bottom of the fixed device. The parts are then placed on the polyurethane block.

The custom description of the cast polyurethane blocks :
Polyurethane positioning block size is customized according to customer requirements. Polyurethane positioning block can be customized all kinds of irregular shape, all kinds of aperture shaped products.

Tonda is a professional manufacturer of polyurethane molding, Tonda can Custom Polyurethane block for customer requirements, price concessions, reliable quality. Welcome to contact us.
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