Polyurethane Cable Protector

Polyurethane Cable Protector: five groove-heavy duty cable protector

Polyurethane Cable Protector also knew as cable protector ramp, the role is to be exposed to the cable, wires or other pipelines laying in the tank which provides a continuous, safe through the channel, to avoid direct exposure caused by various types of security risks.

The customs of polyurethane cable protector :

Tonda can be customized according to the needs of customers with different numbers of cable protector ramp, common with a single slot cable protector ramp, double groove cable protector ramp, three trough cable protector ramp, five trough cable protector ramp, etc. Customized trough board with dedicated LOGO. The color and size of the trunking board can be customized as required.

The features of polyurethane cable protector :

1, Polyurethane Cable Protector durable, high compressive strength, used in outdoor or large workshops can withstand the pressure of vehicles and heavy vehicles.
2, Polyurethane Cable Protector with flexibility, pressure can be restored to the original state, no deformation
3, polyurethane crimping plate toughness strong, tear-resistant, easy to damage.
4, outdoor cable protector oil, waterproof can be used in large workshops and outdoor environment.
5, industrial cable protector fire, flame retardant, anti-static, safe to use.
6, industrial cable protector installation is simple, easy to move, do not destroy the ground installation.
7,outdoor cable protector easy disassembly can be used repeatedly.

The application of polyurethane cable protector :

outdoor cable protector are mainly used for recreational farms, recreational venues, sporting events, exhibition halls, squares, stage, factories, public places, commercial, industrial, temporary emergency applications; large factories, workshops with vehicles, Line board can quickly and easily protect the wires, cables and audio and video data lines: to provide a safe and stable through the channel, the continuous protection of various types of cable and pedestrian safety; eliminate wires, cables exposed to the security risks.

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