Polyurethane Coated Bolt

There are many kinds of polyurethane mesh screen installation, fastening device of polyurethane mesh screen: bolts, pins, strip, wedge, chair and so on.

Dewatering screen bolt:

Bolt installation is the most common and simplest way of mounting. The polyurethane sieve plate is provided with a round countersunk head hole, and the bolt is installed through the mounting hole of the sieve plate and the mounting hole of the support beam of the vibrating screen machine by a suitable bolt, and then screwed and fixed. This installation requires that the spacing between the mounting holes on the polyurethane sieve plate and the mounting holes of the support beam be consistent.

Method for using polyurethane coated bolt:

Mainly used for 305*305*30 specifications of industrial screens. The two parallel edges of the dewatering sieve plate are respectively provided with 2.5 circular countersunk head mounting holes. When the sieve plate is installed, the polyurethane dewatering sieve plate is firstly placed on the support beam of the vibrating screen machine, and a complete round installation hole is formed between the sieve plate and the adjacent sieve plate, and then the nail is nailed into the installation hole. Installation time should pay attention to observe the direction of screen seam, the screen plate is installed accurately. Common dewatering trays are made of studs, nylon spikes, and polyurethane studs. Customers can purchase them as needed.

Use of polyurethane strips and wedges:

The wedge is mainly used for the two sides of the vibrating screen machine, and the polyurethane sieve plate on the side is pressed tightly to prevent the sieve plate from loosening and prevent leakage.

Yantai Tonda Rubber&PU Co., Ltd has produced dozens of different installation methods of the sieve plate and installation parts. Tonda can be customized according to the customer's needs.
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