Polyurethane Comb Sieve Plate

Polyurethane Comb sieve plate is made of the comb-shaped polyurethane sieve, which is suitable for sintering, clinker,
coke and various raw materials such as coal, metallurgy and chemical industry with high hardness and heavy weight. materials. Also known as coke self-cleaning sieve plate.

The features of the comb polyurethane sieve plate :

1, the tooth of the Comb Polyurethane Sieve Plate bar at one end of the fixed beam on the beam, the other end is suspended in the sieve plate vibration process can produce a strong secondary vibration, adjacent sieve between the different frequency of vibration, Material is very easy to screen, will not happen accumulation, screening efficiency is high.
2, the screen bar and the beam fixed at one end inside the iron plate, bolted to the beam so that the sieve in the vibration process is not easy to loose off
3, the panel polyurethane barrow of rows were a ladder-like arrangement, the screen surface to form a ladder-like gap, the sieve into an open structure, the material along the direction of the flow of homeopathic down, can quickly layer through the screen, the material difficult to card In the sieve.
4, electric power plant pu screen unit handling capacity, high screening efficiency.
5, My sieve wear resistance is excellent, high temperature, non-adhesive materials.
6, panel polyurethane installation is simple, easy to replace.
7, polyurethane Comb sieve plate durable wear, easy to damage, use a long time, low cost.

The application of the polyurethane comb sieve plate :

Comb Polyurethane Sieve Plate for coal, metallurgy, chemical, iron ore plant and sintering plant sintering, clinker, coke and a variety of raw ore and other high hardness, heavy weight dry material.
Tonda production of Comb Polyurethane Sieve Plate, strong wear-resistant, long service life, customers at home and abroad by the praise.Welcome to our company to visit the purchase of polyurethane sieve plate.

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