Polyurethane Curb Ramp

Polyurethane Curb Ramp, also known as slope pad, is used for roads, streets, shops and other high and low road junction device. The use of  Curb Ramp for driving, travel to bring convenience and safety, the use of a wide range.

The Features of polyurethane curb ramp :

1:  Polyurethane Curb Ramp made of polyurethane material, product wear resistance, long service life.
2: Polyurethane rubber Curb Ramp of water, oil, solvent resistance, the use of the environment is not required, can be used for any occasion.
3: Solid Threshold Ramp of durable, with good compression performance, no deformation after compression without damage.
4: Solid Threshold Ramp design is reasonable, the size of vehicles are applicable, can effectively protect the roadside and the safety of vehicles.
5:  Polyurethane Curb Ramp with anti-skid effect, to prevent rain and snow wheel skidding, to ensure traffic safety.
6: road along the slope of the standard block, can be any combination, easy to use.
7: Curb Ramp of small size, lightweight, easy to carry, can be equipped with the car in the wheel depression or parking can be used wheel chock

The application of polyurethane curb ramp :

Polyurethane Curb Ramp widely used, can be used for roads, streets, factories, residential, hospitals, stores and so on. Hospitals and various shopping malls, shops on the steps of the road along the slope can be used to facilitate the travel of people with disabilities. Street, roadside use of  Polyurethane Curb Ramp can be extremely convenient to dock the vehicle, the factory, the workshop using  Polyurethane Curb Ramp can make the vehicle more efficient work, to the workers to avoid handling trouble.  Polyurethane Curb Ramp can also be carried by car, when the vehicle in the driving failure, in order to stop the safety, you can put the road along the slope below the tire to prevent car landslides. When the wheels fall into the mud, the road can be used as a wheel chocks.

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