Polyurethane Cushion Block

polyurethane Cushion block is also known as bushing shock absorber, Polyurethane Shock Absorber. Is a high elastic shock absorber.

The features of the bushing shock absorber :

1, polyurethane Cushion block with high wear resistance, tear resistance, and high bearing capacity, is more than 3-5 times the rubber material.
2,  polyurethane Cushion block hardness range is wide, the general hardness of polyurethane shock absorber in the range of 60-95A hardness, polyurethane shock absorber in high hardness still has excellent elongation and resilience. Impact resistance, high curvature.
3,  polyurethane Cushion block has excellent oil resistance. Polyurethane is a strong polar polymer compound, which has little affinity for nonpolar mineral oil and is almost undamaged in fuel oil and mechanical oil.
4, polyurethane shock absorber excellent performance, high flexibility, impact resistance, in the abrasive manufacturing industry can replace rubber and spring.
5, Bumper Block water, solvent, acid and alkali. The use of a very wide range.
6, Bumper Block has a good mechanical processing performance.

The application of the polyurethane shock absorber :

Polyurethane shock absorber block is widely used, mining equipment, mechanical processing, petrochemical, automobile manufacturing, construction machinery and other fields have used to polyurethane shock block. With advances in technology, polyurethane shock absorbers will be more widely used in various fields.

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