Polyurethane Flip-Flop Screen Panels

Polyurethane Flip-Flop Screen Panels: 3000 * 355 * 6mm sieve 8 * 24mm
polyurethane Flip-Flop Screen Panels generally use square or oblong mesh, made of pure imported polyurethane raw materials. Equipment for screening difficult-to-sieving materials such as fine, viscous, wet (such as high-moisture, high-moisture coal and coke, and fine-grained grading), especially when the treated material is easy to block the screen , The relaxation sieve can achieve a very high screening efficiency in a relatively small screen area and ensure that the screen is not clogged.

The features of the Polyurethane flip flow screen :

1, Polyurethane Flip Flow Screen made of imported polyurethane raw materials, wear resistance than ordinary polyurethane screen is more excellent.
2, polyurethane Flip-Flop Screen Panels with high elasticity, the screen surface to 800 times the frequency of continuous expansion and contraction, resulting in a high degree of acceleration, in this role, the polyurethane screen is difficult to appear plugging phenomenon.
3, Polyurethane Relaxation Screen, screen surface thin, high porosity, a large amount of treatment, high screening efficiency.
4, flip-flop screen weight is very light, sieve machine load is small, long service life

The application of the polyurethane flip flow screen :

Polyurethane Flip Flow Screen is mainly used for widely used in coal, electricity, coal chemical industry, metallurgy, building materials and other industries.For screening fine ore materials such as grading, screening, and other places, widely used in coal screening. Polyurethane relaxation screens are particularly suitable for fine-grained, non-sieving materials in sieves. Can greatly simplify the coal washing industry's process, improve economic efficiency.

Yantai Tonda rubber&pu Co., Ltd. is a professional flip flop screen company. The company has advanced production equipment, you can produce a variety of styles of relaxation screen. Tonda production of polyurethane relaxation screen using imported polyurethane raw materials production, with a large area per unit capacity, high screening rate, a sieve is not easy to plug, the advantages of small power load, by the customer's praise.

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