Polyurethane Flip Flow Screen

Polyurethane Flip Flow Screen: square hole, long hole
Tonda has more than 10 different types of Polyurethane Flip Flow Screen for customers to choose, Tonda can also be customized according to customer requirements of other sizes of Polyurethane Flip Flow Screen.

The features of the flip flow screens  :

1, flip flow screens using the best quality raw materials production, product-specific high wear resistance. Long service life.
2, flip flow screen has excellent toughness, stronger than the average polyurethane mesh toughness.
3, Polyurethane Flip Flow Screen using a mold casting molding, a variety of holes can be processed.
4, Polyurethane Flip Flow Screen thickness is generally 4-8mm, lightweight, sieve machine load is small.
5, polyurethane relaxation screen in a short time to produce a considerable high frequency of expansion and contraction, and to achieve the purpose of screening materials. In such a high frequency of movement, the material is difficult to pile up the phenomenon.
6, Polyurethane Flip Flow Screen hole rate is extremely high, the processing capacity per unit area, high screening efficiency.

The application of the polyurethane flip flow screen :

Polyurethane relaxation screen is mainly used for coal, iron ore, copper, gold and other particles in the classification of ore, screening and other places, widely used in coal screening. Polyurethane relaxation screens are particularly suitable for sieving wet fine particulate materials. As the polyurethane relaxation screen vibration frequency is high, the screen elasticity is good, so that the material kept in the state of jumping, it is difficult to re-surfacing surface. Can greatly improve the production efficiency.

Tonda is China flip flow screen manufacturer manufacturers.Tonda has been for domestic and foreign friends to provide a dozen high-quality polyurethane relaxation screen, excellent quality, affordable polyester relaxation screen to get the customer's trust. If you want to purchase Chinese flip flow screen, please contact us: wilton@tonda.net.cn, we will give you to provide you with the products.
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