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Polyurethane Fork Blade Protector 1525*125*45

Polyurethane Fork Blade Protector: The suitable size for forklift leg: 1525*125*45

Features of polyurethane fork blade protector:

1: forklift fork covers, elastic, buffer role, can greatly reduce the impact of the forklift on the goods. Prevent the goods from being damaged.
2: Fork Lift Fork protective sleeve, the surface has anti-skid lines design, can prevent the goods rolling at the process of being transporting.
3: forklift Bumper Pad, oil resistance, water resistance, corrosion resistance, no requirement for the service environment.
4: forklift pads, Convenient to  load and unload, easy to carry

The application of polyurethane fork sleeve:

In China, Polyurethane Fork Blade Protector has been widely used. Tonda has supplied Fork Lift Fork protective sleeve for many large state-owned construction enterprises. In the loading and unloading, handling all kinds of building materials, equipped with forklift fork covers can guarantee the set of polyurethane building materials effectively without damage, long-term use of polyurethane forklift sets, to avoid the considerable loss of property for the enterprise.

Customization of polyurethane fork blade protector:
Tonda forklift Bumper Pad is of various styles and sizes can be customized according to customers' requirements. The following dimensions are required before customizing the polyurethane fork sleeve:
Please refer to sketch for dimension confirmation of Fork Lift Fork protective sleeve:

Polyurethane Fork Blade Protector
Yantai Tonda rubber&pu Co., Ltd. has more than ten kinds of Polyurethane Fork Blade Protector, and is developing more new types of forklift sets.  Tonda hopes to extend the polyurethane forklift fork covers to every corner of the world so that all forklift friends can own a polyurethane forklift cover. All friends at home and abroad, if you have good ideas and suggestions for the forklift sets, you can supply them to us. We can tailor the forklift covers that suit you according to your requirements. Welcome to mail us, we will contact you at the first time after receiving the email.

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