Polyurethane Nozzle

Polyurethane nozzle is a Polyurethane taper bush products, also known as PU Hydrocyclone Bushing, is a necessary part of the cyclone.

Hydrocyclone structure: Cyclone is the use of centrifugal force to separate or concentrate the classification of materials sorting equipment, industrial production in the application of a wide range, such as in the mineral processing sector with industrial enterprises, the cyclone is the ore classification The main components of the system equipment, and in the re-election plant cyclone is more used as a declining device. Cyclone is centrifugal sedimentation as the main working principle, to achieve classification, sorting, concentration and declining. When the cyclone works, the heavier weight of the material particles will overcome the centrifugal force and settle to the bottom of the cyclone, discharged from the sedimentation port, and the weight of the smaller particles cannot overcome the centrifugal force, will be brought to the water The upper part of the cyclone is discharged from the overflow port. The lower part of the cyclone is a conical shell, the upper part of the connection of a cylindrical shell, cylindrical shell sealed mouth, in the middle there is a floor, the bottom of the central plate into a short tube overflow pipe, in the bottom of the bottom along the cylindrical shell Tangential direction connected to the ore pipe, in the bottom of the board along the tangential direction of the shell connected to the overflow discharge pipe, the bottom of the cone can be replaced with the sink mouth. The hydrocyclone is a consumable part of the overflow pipe and the sinker mouth, in particular, to control the sink mouth diameter. When the wear exceeds the allowable size requirements, when the urgent replacement, in order to ensure the grading effect and grit concentration.

The features of polyurethane nozzle:

1, the inner layer of polyurethane nozzle is silicon carbide material, silicon carbide with high strength, high hardness, high wear resistance, high temperature, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance. With excellent performance.

2, polyurethane nozzle outer layer of polyurethane material, polyurethane with high wear resistance, high flexibility, high toughness, tear resistance of the performance.

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