Polyurethane Piston Seals

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polyurethane piston seals are also known as polyurethane oil seal, PU Lining Bowl, is the pipe cleaning or Oil Sealant the weight of the components.

The features of the polyurethane piston seals :

1, polyurethane piston seals with high wear resistance, continuous working time for a long time.
2, polyurethane piston seals oil, corrosion resistance, long time in the use of oily media performance stable.
3, polyurethane piston seals  size accurate, excellent sealing performance
4, polyurethane oil seal can be high temperature, low temperature, can be applied to the harsh working environment.
5, polyurethane oil seal tensile strength, high tear resistance, long life is not easy to damage.
6, PU Lining Bowl ozone resistance, anti-aging, no erosion of the oxide damage.
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PU lining bowl application:

PPU Lining Bowl in the mine oil machinery parts, coal, metallurgy, chemical, automobile manufacturing and other industries are widely used.

The customization of the PU lining bowl :

1, on the size: Tonda existing Polyurethane oil seal more than a dozen, can be customized according to customer requirements. You can send us a sample or drawings, we will be in the fastest time to provide you with the requirements of the product.
2, on the color: Polyurethane oil seal commonly used color yellow, can be customized any other color.
3, on the hardness: polyurethane oil seal hardness: 90 ± 2A, in this range of polyurethane hardness, has the most excellent wear resistance.
4, on the packaging: Polyurethane oil seal carton packaging.
5, in the delivery: the order of the delivery time is generally 7-10 working days, according to the specific number of orders to determine.

Yantai Tonda Rubber&PU Co., Ltd. is an excellent pu seals manufacturer, the company can produce more than 10 kinds of polyurethane oil seal, product performance, quality assurance, we hope that we can buy. If you have a special request, please email us, we will provide you with quality service.
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