Polyurethane Pump Liners

polyurethane pump liners also known as Slurry Pump Polyurethane Parts, Polyurethane pump wear parts. Generally have Slurry Pump Rubber Throat Bush, slurry pump jacket, impeller and so on.

polyurethane pump liners are generally made of iron skeleton lining polyurethane rubber made of the smaller size of the pump sets are all made of polyurethane or rubber material.

The accessories of slurry pump polyurethane parts :

1, polyurethane pump liners wear resistance is excellent, the wear resistance of polyurethane pump sets is generally rubber pump parts and metal pump more than 3-5 times, polyurethane pump parts longer life, and thus replace the low frequency, high efficiency The
2, polyurethane pump liners with excellent hydrolysis resistance, oil, acid and alkali, corrosion resistance. Can be used in any mineral processing, transportation environment.
3, polyurethane pump sets of special production process makes the polyurethane is directly cast with a metal shell, polyurethane adhesive layer and metal shell bonding firmly, not degumming, continuous layer.
4, polyurethane pump liners surface smooth, no burr, non-stick material, low coefficient of friction, the material running resistance is small, high transport efficiency.
5, Slurry Pump Rubber Parts with excellent rebound performance, impact resistance, can effectively reduce the impact of the transport medium on the pump.
6, polyurethane pump sets the use of no noise, can greatly improve the working environment.
7, the same specifications of the pump, the smallest weight of polyurethane pump, transport and easy replacement.

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