Polyurethane Pump

Polyurethane Pump

polyurethane pump:
The overflow of the polyurethane, the pump is shield, sheath, impeller, and pipelines. Yantai Tonda Rubber&PU Co., Ltd. produces polyurethane slurry pump, slurry pump impeller, polyurethane pipelining, polyurethane cyclone and other mine accessories.

polyurethane pump characteristics:
1: urethane rubber has excellent wear resistance. Polyurethane pump and polyurethane pipe using imported polyurethane raw materials to do lined layer, wear resistance in the polyurethane pump are much better than the rubber pump.
2: Slurry Pump Rubber Impeller excellent corrosion resistance, can be applied to a variety of mineral processing, transportation environment.
3: Polyurethane slurry pump adhesive layer thickness uniform and not degumming. Polyurethane overflow of the production process is the liquid polyurethane raw materials and metal shell a casting molding, polyurethane adhesive layer firmly with the metal pump shell into one. Not degumming, continuous layer. Long service life.
4: urethane rubber or plastic layer surface smooth, small friction coefficient, running resistance is small, high efficiency.
5: slurry pump impeller of polyurethane adhesive layer is flexible, can effectively reduce the impact of the material on the pump, to extend the life of polyurethane pump
6: Polyurethane overflow of high toughness, tear resistance, in the transmission of larger particles of the media, it is not easy to damage the pump itself.
7: polyurethane pump lightweight, easy to install, low economic costs.

polyurethane pump applications:
Polyurethane lined pump casing is mainly applied to electric power, metallurgy, coal, building materials, chemical industry, suitable for processing concentrates and tailings, in addition to ash, coal preparation plant to transport coal and heavy medium coal, coastal river sand operations, Transport mortar, corrosive slurry containing solid particles, and the like.

polyurethane pump customization:
Yantai Tonda Rubber&PU Co., Ltd. is a china Polyurethane Impellor suppliers, impeller production, impellers for sale as one. Impeller quality and reliable, impeller price concessions are welcome to buy.

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