Polyurethane Scraper Blades

Polyurethane scraper blades: 200 * 110 * 48
polyurethane scraper blades, also known as belt scraper, is made of high wear-resistant polyurethane materials. Is a necessary product for cleaning equipment.

Belt conveyor scraper features:

1, belt conveyor scraper made of polyurethane materials, it has both high-strength plastic and rubber with high elasticity.
2, belt conveyor scraper with high wear resistance, is the general rubber plastic products more than 5 times.
3, polyurethane scraper blades hardness range, 60A-95A hardness range.
4, polyurethane scraper blades oil, solvent resistance, suitable for cleaning a variety of materials.
5, belt conveyor scraper high toughness, scraping clean, no damage to the belt.
6, belt conveyor scraper with automatic compensation for wear and tear performance, when the front end of the head is still sharp after the sharp blade, adjust to the position of the fixed device can continue to use.
7, belt conveyor scraper linear good, no leakage material, the unique design of the arc to smooth the logistics, not sticky material.
8, Tongda polyurethane scraper special anti-static flame retardant performance, no accidents, the use of security.
9, polyurethane scraper installation is simple, easy to replace.

Polyurethane scraper customization:

Polyurethane scraper styles, in order to use the demand, can be made with an iron scraper, with aluminum alloy scraper and ceramic scraper.

Polyurethane scraper application:

Polyurethane scraper is commonly used in coal chemical conveyor belts for scraping off the attached ash and powder material. Such as coal transportation, fertilizer transport, gravel transport and so on.

Yantai Tonda Rubber&PU Co., Ltd.. is a conveyor belt scrapers manufacturers in China. Tonda polyurethane scraper variety, variety and diversity. Tonda can conveyor belt scraper design for customers. Tonda for the production of high wear-resistant, anti-static flame retardant polyurethane scraper in China has a large customer base, Tonda has a lot of customers for the supply of high-quality polyurethane scraper. Polyurethane scraper products exported to Australia, the United States, Canada, India, the United Arab Emirates and other countries.
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