Polyurethane Scraper

Polyurethane scraper is a polymer wear-resistant scraper, the use of high-quality polyurethane raw materials used to clean up the material scraper.

The features of the polyurethane scraper blades :

1, Polyurethane scraper blades with high wear resistance, is more than 3-5 times the ordinary rubber.
2, Polyurethane scraper blades resistant to hydrolysis, acid, and alkali, and can be resistant to oil, in any environment to ensure the use of the same performance.
3, polyurethane scraper high toughness, tear resistance, easy to damage, and no damage to the conveyor belt and equipment surface.
4, polyurethane plow edge friction coefficient is small, non-stick material, cleaning effect is good.
5, polyurethane plow edge can be customized all kinds of bevel and a variety of mounting holes.
6, polyurethane scraper hardness range, 60-95A range can be produced.

The customization of the polyurethane wiper strip  :

1, on the hardness: Polyurethane wiper strip hardness range of 60-95A, according to the use of conditions required to customize the different hardness.
2, on the size: Polyurethane scraper size according to the size of the sweepers face custom.
3, on the color: polyurethane products, the most common colors are yellow and red, can also be customized other colors.
4, on the price: Tonda will be based on product size and requirements to provide the best price
5, in the delivery: delivery time is generally 5-7 days

The application of the scraper cleaner :

scraper cleaner has excellent wear resistance, cleaning effect is good, is widely used in mining, machinery, chemicals, printing and other industries.

Yantai Tonda Rubber&PU Co., Ltd. specializes in customizing all kinds of polyurethane scraper, the company has a variety of styles of Polyurethane scraper blades for customers to choose. If you need polyurethane scraper, please contact us, we will receive the information for the first time to give you a reply. We will provide you with quality products, at preferential prices.

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