Polyurethane Sheet

Polyurethane Sheet

polyurethane sheet:
polyurethane uses is widely, polyurethane sheet price low, excellent performance, is the most widely used polyurethane material in the product.

polyurethane sheet Features:
1, polyurethane rubber sheet wear resistance of the most outstanding, about 3-5 times the rubber sheet.
2, pu sheet hardness range, can produce 65-95 hardness range of products. More than rubber sheet and plastic plate for a wide range.
3, urethane sheet water resistance, excellent oil resistance. A long time in the use of water, oil environment will not receive erosion.
4, urethane sheet corrosion-resistant, can be used in the acid-base environment.
5, urethane sheet compression, impact resistance, can effectively play the role of buffer.
6, the pu sheet toughness, tear resistance, in the same use of the environment tear strength is much higher than the rubber plate.
7, the high resilience of polyurethane, shock absorption effect.
8, pu sheet has a good low-temperature performance, can be used in low-temperature environment.
9, pu sheet has a good mechanical processing performance, the product can do lathe processing, milling machine processing, grinding machine processing.
10, pu sheet can be combined with a variety of materials, the process is simple and easy to operate.

polyurethane rubber sheet applications:
With the understanding of polyurethane materials, polyurethane products have been more and more applied to a variety of industries and life. polyurethane rubber sheet mainly in the mining industry, machinery and equipment industry, automobile production industry, petrochemical industry, storage industry and other use. Products are:

Polyurethane strips, polyurethane stick, Polyurethane Conveyor Belt Skirting;

Polyurethane baffle, silo wear plate and so on.

polyurethane sheet customization:
1, can produce a variety of sizes of polyurethane sheet
2, can be customized polyurethane and iron, canvas, steel mesh, wood and other materials composite
3, can be customized anti-static polyurethane board, flame retardant polyurethane sheet
4, can be made with different shapes, different sizes of holes in the pu sheet

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