Polyurethane Square Bar

Polyurethane square bar, also known as Polyurethane square strip
size: 2090 * 64 * 64, containing 40 * 40 metal tube

Polyurethane square bar for the external polyurethane material, the internal metal tube, using a special mold a casting molding. With high strength, high compression, high shock absorption effect.

The features of the polyurethane rod :

1, Polyurethane square bar is made of polyurethane material, has a good wear resistance, and polyurethane with water, oil, solvent resistance characteristics, so that polyurethane can be used in many environments. Polyurethane square bar of the outer layer of polyurethane can also play the role of shock absorption, in the course of the use of other objects to avoid damage.
2, the use of metal inside the polyurethane tube, a metal square tube with a strong support force, combined with the good performance of polyurethane, Polyurethane rod can withstand both strong gravities, but also has a good rebound performance.

The application of the polyurethane compressive plate  :

Polyurethane compressive plate can be used to place the larger quality, easy to wear, easy to bump the equipment, accessories, appliances and so on. Can be placed directly on the ground, but also do support the use of shelves. Polyurethane compressive plate can be stitched.

The custom of the solid forming pads :

1, on the size: In order to facilitate the transport, the length of the polyurethane square bar is best controlled within 3 meters. Polyurethane adhesive layer thickness of 6-12 mm can be direct.
2, on the color: can be customized any color.
3, on the hardness: Polyurethane square bar hardness is generally 85-90A because in this range of polyurethane wear resistance and compression performance of the best.
4, on the packaging: Polyurethane square bar fumigation tray packaging.

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