Polyurethane Standard Adapter

The polyurethane screen chock refers to the accessories of the sieve plate base, strip, plate and so on. The polyurethane standard adapter is the best choice.

Polyurethane standard adapter is matched with the polyurethane screen plate, the bottom of the concave clamping groove, and a slotted sieve plate and polyurethane base raised can be fully consistent. The use of polyurethane base plate two adjacent assembled one by one, can make the high flatness sieve screen surface, no gap between, no leakage.

The use of the method of polyurethane base:

The rail type dewatering sieve plate needs to use the appropriate supporting base. Because of the design of sieve machine factory of the vibrating screen, the chair is also different, but the same installation method. The base is fixed to the support beam vibration sieve machine, which will then be installed on the back of the rail alignment slot dewatering sieve plate raised part of the sieve plate hammer, the card slot is embedded into the base plate, the installation is finished.

Polyurethane Screen Chock, Polyurethane Side Pressing Plate, PU Solid pad,  pu Side Platens, etc., are commonly used in coordination. When the sieve plate is assembled to the vibrating screen machine, they will press the side of the sieve plate and the edge of the screen machine to prevent the sieve plate from loosening and leaking.
Polyurethane screen plate and more installation parts, such as Trapezoidal layering, T, layering and so on.

Tonda is a good China polyurethane sieve plate and polyurethane sieve plate parts production enterprises, the company has advanced casting machine, press machine, such as reactor polyurethane production equipment, and has a lathe, milling machine, line cutting, and other mechanical processing equipment professional. Tonda can provide customers with a variety of polyurethane screen plate supporting products.
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