Polyurethane Tension Bearing Screen Plate

Polyurethane Tension bearing Screen plate: 850 * 2440 * 30mm mesh 30 * 60mm
In the shaker position of the shaker, the impact of the ore on the screen larger, in order to enhance the load-bearing capacity of the screen, specially designed with a bearing plate of polyurethane Tension screen.

The features of the square mesh tension screen  :

1: Polyurethane Tension Screens is made on the basis of conventional tension screen in the unilateral mesh design, thereby increasing the load capacity of polyurethane mesh, can withstand the strong impact of ore.
2: square hole PU Tensioned Screens is much higher than the ordinary rubber sieve and metal sieve, the service life than rubber sieve and metal sieve more than 3-5 times longer.
3: Polyurethane Tension Screens holes and diverse, according to the material classification size customization of various sizes.
4: mesh screen friction coefficient is low, not with the material adhesion, not easy to plug the sieve, high screening efficiency.
5: polyurethane Tension screen for the cone, when the material through the screen after the square hole, can successfully through the entire screen, not card material, do not plug the hole.

Polyurethane tension screen  with blind plate application:

Polyurethane screen with the blind plate is mainly used for the classification, screening and other places of coal ore, iron ore, copper mine, gold mine and other large particles of ore, the blind part of polyurethane screen can withstand the impact of large particles of ore, Network life.

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