Polyurethane Tension Screens

Polyurethane Tension Screens: 1200 * 2400 * 30mm Sieve 10 * 20mm
Polyurethane Tension Screens generally use square or rectangular mesh, the screen inside the package wire rope, both ends of the hoisting hook plate, sieve for the tapered hole, mainly for large size material classification screening.

Tension screen features:

1: Polyurethane Tension Screens using high-quality wear-resistant polyurethane material production wear resistance is excellent, metal screen and rubber screen more than 3-5 times.
2: Polyurethane Tension Screens resistant to water, oil, acid and alkali resistance, aging resistance, long service life, low frequency of downtime replacement, can improve work efficiency.
3: industrial vibrating screens and the material of the low coefficient of friction, coupled with the design of the tapered sieve, more conducive to screening, screening efficiency.
4: Polyurethane tightening the screen at both ends of the hoisting hook plate and sieve machine connected, because the screen is flexible, at work with the vibrating screen machine vibration, the screen itself can produce secondary vibration, improve the work of the sieve effectiveness.

The application of the polyurethane tension screen :

Polyurethane rose screen is mainly used for coal, iron ore, copper, gold and another ore grading, screening and other places, is the essential parts of the vibratory screener. Polyurethane up mesh size and sieve specifications and diverse, according to the requirements of screening size of different specifications of the sieve plate.

Yantai TONDA Rubber&PU co., LTD. Main products are: screening equipment, Tonda production of polyurethane tighten the screen durable wear, complete specifications, the product is China's many mines and vibrating screen machine factory use and has been exported to Chile, the United States, Australia, India, South Africa and many other countries.Tonda has been convinced that: quality is the core competitiveness of enterprises, so we will design a better quality of polyurethane screens to meet customer needs.

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