Polyurethane Traffic Protection Fittings

Polyurethane Traffic Protection Fittings

Polyurethane traffic protection fittings:
Yantai TONDA Rubber&PU co., LTD  Is a professional manufacturer of polyurethane products in China. It is dedicated to providing reliable and durable polyurethane products to users in various industries.

Polyurethane traffic protection fittings products that we all have a chance to see and use. Many of these products are made from polyurethane material. Polyurethane products used in the transportation protection facilities more widespread and common are cable protector, Pavement deceleration belt, caution Reflective Foam, wheel chock, speed bumps, traffic warning ,outside cable protection and so on.

Features of Polyurethane traffic protection fittings:
1: Polyurethane traffic protection fittings can be used to produce different density products according to the requirements.
2: cable protector outdoor have high wear resistance and long life.
3: external cable protector have high compressive strength, high resilience, and can maintain inherent elasticity for a long time.
4: exterior cable protector have excellent antistatic and flame retardant properties and high safety grade.
5: Polyurethane traffic protection fittings water resistant, oil resistant, corrosion resistant, applicable to outdoor weather conditions.
6: polyurethane transportation protection accessories are light, easy to carry, easy to install and easy to use
7: polyurethane transportation protection accessories are affordable.

Application of Polyurethane traffic protection fittings:
Traffic protection accessories are used for the safety and safety of our human life. They bring us safe living and working environment. Polyurethane protective parts generally used in traffic road facilities, such as polyurethane speed bumps, polyurethane slope cushion, applied to pu warning column in the parking lot, polyurethane anti-collision bar, etc., used in all kinds of large-scale sports events, entertainment in polyurethane trough plate, etc. If you look at it, you may find a variety of polyurethane protective products around you.

Customization of polyurethane transportation protection accessories:
We can make all kinds of polyurethane traffic protection accessories, so as long as you tell us your requirements, we will provide you with satisfactory products.

Polyurethane traffic protection fittings:
Polyurethane products are used more and more widely in traffic protection facilities, such as polyurethane wire slot plate, polyurethane deceleration belt, polyurethane anti-collision strip, polyurethane ramp pad, polyurethane warning column and so on.

Polyurethane material with high abrasion resistance and good elasticity can be used in a variety of environments and places. And polyurethane can be made into anti-static, flame retardant products, high safety level.

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