PU Damping Sheet

Pu damping sheet:

Size: 610 * 312 * 45 with iron plate
pu damping sheet outer layer is a high-quality polyurethane material, the internal thickened iron plate skeleton. Using a special mold a casting molding. Polyurethane and iron plate bonded firmly, not degumming.

The features of the polyurethane shock absorber :

1, a polyurethane shock absorber outer layer made of high-quality polyurethane material, with high wear resistance.
2, polyurethane shock absorber plate inside the thick iron plate skeleton, so that the polyurethane plate has a high support force and compression performance.
3, polyurethane shock absorber thick layer, high resilience, shock absorption effect.
4, polyurethane and iron plate forming, bonding firm, easy to degumming.

The application of the pu damping sheet :

pu damping sheet is widely used in mining, machinery, chemical, automotive, transportation and other industries. Can be used as machinery and equipment of the plate, parts of the shock pad and so on.

The  customization of the pu damping sheet:

1: on the size: Tonda can produce a variety of sizes of polyurethane shock absorbers, including a variety of special-shaped polyurethane
2: on the hardness: polyurethane damping plate hardness is generally 85-90 hardness range, because in this hardness range of polyurethane compressive strength of the highest, better shock absorption.
3: on the color: Tonda can produce a variety of colors of High hardness polyurethane board and high resilience polyurethane board
4: on the price: Tonda to the best price to provide the best quality products to customers

Yantai Tonda Rubber&PU Co., Ltd. is a China polyurethane sheet manufacturers. Since its establishment, Yantai Tonda Rubber&PU Co., Ltd. has provided a wide range of high hardness polyurethane sheets and high resilience polyurethane sheets for many domestic and foreign customers. Tonda to high-quality products and services to customers unanimously approved. At present, Tonda has reached a long-term supply agreement with customers in Australia, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, India and other countries.
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