PU Dewatering Screen Deck

Pu Sand dewatering screen/PU Dewatering Screen Deck: 500*550*45mm sieve joint 0.3mm
Outline dimensions can be customized: 305*610, 500*500, 600*600, 500*700......
Custom stitching sizes: 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.5, 0.8
Available installation: Bolts

Application of polyurethane sand and fine sand dewatering sieve plate:

PU sand dewatering screen, also known as sand recovery screen plate, is mainly used in sand and gravel plants, mines, water conservancy, gravel sand mining, sand screening, sand washing, dehydration, sand recovery, etc..

Characteristics of polyurethane dewatering sieve plate:

1: PU dewatering panels has excellent wear resistance and long service life.
2: Polyurethane strip sieve of the screen ranging from 0.1 mm -4.0 mm, high screening accuracy, can effectively recover sand, reduce the loss of sand.
3: PU dewatering modular screen of the pore design has no hole.
4: The PU dewatering screen deck itself has great elasticity and the processing quantity is big. The dehydration is high sufficient.
5: The PU dewatering modular screen adopts the module splicing, bolt fixed installation way offering the convenient replacement.
6: Polyurethane screen plate with low noise, effectively improve the working environment.

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