PU Rubber Lined Pipes

The characters of pu rubber lined pipes:

Pu rubber lined pipes has polyurethane lined pipe and rubber lining pipes. Tonda mainly produces urethane lined pipe.

The features of polyurethane lined pipe :

1, polyurethane lined pipe with advanced production technology will be poured directly into the pipeline in the pipeline material, because the polyurethane raw material is liquid state pouring, and the pipe wall after sandblasting, so the polyurethane raw materials can firmly adhere to the pipe wall. To ensure long-term use without degumming.
2, polyurethane lined pipe with high quality wear-resistant polyurethane raw materials, than ordinary Rubber Lined Pipes with long service life.
3,polyurethane lined pipe layer thickness uniformity, there will not be local adhesive layer thickness inconsistency phenomenon. To ensure that the overall performance of the pipeline is very stable.
4, polyurethane lined pipe water, oil, acid and alkali, corrosion resistance, can transport any medium material.
5, polyurethane lined pipe surface smooth, and the transmission medium of the friction coefficient is small, and with the material does not adhere to the operation of small resistance, high transmission efficiency.
6, polyurethane lined pipe and flange position will be formed integrally lined with rubber, making the pipeline no leakage, more secure.

The application of the pu rubber lined pipes Piping :

Polyurethane Liner Pipes are widely used in metallurgical, electric power, chemical, petroleum, coal, cement and other industries for the mine tailings transportation system, coal-fired power plant ash supply system, chemical corrosion, coal mine backfill, port dredging, piping field.

The Custom of the pu rubber lined pipes :

1. On the size: line with the length of the pipe is generally 3 meters, rubber lining thickness is generally 4-10 mm.
2. On the color: Polyurethane adhesive layer is red or yellow, the outer wall of the pipe spray rust paint and then paint.
3. On the packaging: pu rubber lined pipes with a special pipeline pipe stent packaging to avoid damage to the transport process occurred bumps.
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