Punched Plate Screen Deck

Punched plate screen deck: 610 * 610 * 45
hexagonal hole: 30 * 35
Long round hole: 30 * 60
Punched plate screen deck, also known as Stainless Steel Perforated Steel Modular Panels, sieve plate with stainless steel sieve surface, made of polyurethane bag on both sides, package edge sieve plate and diverse, customizable round hole, hexagonal hole, long hole and so on. Mainly used for coal, iron ore, metal ore (screening grading) wells, gas wells, wells sand control, mud filtration and other media filter.

The Features of Stainless Steel screen panel:

1, Stainless Steel screen panel surface with stainless steel punching stencil, bearing capacity, with a high impact resistance.
2, Punched plate screen deck holes are diverse, common are: square, round, oblong, hexagonal, as well as triangular, oval, diamond, plum blossom and other shapes.
3, Punched plate screen deck four bread polyurethane, in the use of the process can reduce noise, provide the working environment quality.
4, stainless steel screen mesh surface thin, easy to screen, high screening efficiency.
5, stainless steel sieve wear, corrosion resistance, the use of a wide range.
6, stainless steel sieve size accurate, high porosity.

The Application of the Punched plate screen deck :

Punched plate screen deck is widely used, is widely used in sieve plate products for grain, cotton, oil, feed, brewing, chemical machinery, pharmaceutical equipment, food and beverage machinery, tobacco machinery, harvesters, sugar mills, (Central air conditioning) speakers, handicrafts production, paper making, drying, storage, dust, metallurgy and other industries, food factories, chemical plants, textile mills, silencer equipment, refrigeration equipment (central air conditioning) Polyurethane coated sieve is mainly used for metallurgy (iron ore, limestone, fluorite, cooling blast furnace slag, coke and other raw materials), nonferrous metals, gold, coal, chemical, building materials and hydropower projects, abrasive waste treatment, quarry and other industries Materials, washing, screening, grading, slagging, declining, dehydration and so on.

Tonda production of stainless steel screen mesh wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, long life, sieve and diverse, to meet a variety of industrial and mining requirements.

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